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The Era of Smart Converting


Today’s technologies are quickly transforming many facets of our lives: drones deliver our online purchases, we can live-stream our thoughts on social media, and our cars are driving us around. Folding cartons have not been left untouched by all of this technological advancement. Today’s converting technologies allow for greater quality control, efficiency, and overall operations optimization than ever before. We truly have entered a new era of “smart converting”.

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Minimize Fire Damage with these Must-Have Technologies


Rather than having to rebuild and preserve customer relationships after a devastating fire, converters should invest in technologies that prevent or minimize fire damage in the first place. Here are just a few of the newest fire suppression technologies highlighted during PPC’s recent Financial Executives and Human Resources Forum.

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Smart Devices Bring Packaging to Life


Today, most people regularly access websites, email, and social media sites on their smartphones, so it’s important to pay attention to trends in mobile technology. One particularly exciting trend is Augmented Reality, which actually links physical and virtual experiences in ways that engage, inspire, and inform.

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