2018 Women's Leadership Committee

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 • Baltimore Marriott Waterfront • Baltimore, MD

Although female leaders in the manufacturing sector have made strides toward success, obstacles still remain. Through the Women's Leadership Conference, female leaders in the folding carton industry convene to address these issues, as well as build long-lasting relationships with colleagues and develop strategies for future success.


 This seminar is an abbreviated 90 minute session included in the Fall 2017 Meeting registration price.

To register, call (413) 686-9191.


Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
700 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


Wednesday, April 11
90 minute session.     

Topic: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Good feedback sparks professional growth. From the boardroom to the manufacturing floor, we must continually find ways to foster improvement in those we lead and be willing to receive and implement the feedback we receive as leaders. Come to the WLC Spring session to boost your effectiveness in giving and receiving feedback!

Ann Bowers-Evangelista, Psy.D, MBA
 President, Llumos

Ann is President of Llumos, LLC, a Washington, DC-based women’s owned small consulting firm serving global senior leaders in public and private organizations and nonprofits. With over 18 years as a consultant and coach to business and community leaders, Ann focuses on identifying and igniting the capabilities of top-tier leadership. An Ironman triathlete with a doctorate in psychology and an MBA, she knows what it takes to perform at the highest levels. Her unique blend of psychology and business lends important insight into the human factors that make top businesses results possible. Ann helps to close the gaps between potential and performance primarily through organizational reviews, talent assessments (for selection and development), team development, change management facilitation, talent planning, and executive coaching. High energy, direct, and goal-focused, Ann is an effective partner in pushing beyond today’s challenges to achieve audacious goals




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